Wednesday, July 13, 2011


So I think this year is a test, given that I've had a few relatively easy years. Not bad change...just change. Some actually good.

It began with the change in my brother in law's job. This is bringing about a great change for him and awesome opportunity. Which means that my sister and family are moving away to Seattle. It wouldn't be so hard, if it weren't for the fact that we both moved out from Texas at around the same time (w/in 6 mos of each other), lived together, got married within about a year of each other, went to church together, live within 5 min of each other, and have 2 kids, both sets born within 5 mos of each other. Excuse the run-on. I think if it weren't for the kids, it'd be a whole lot easier. But after the years of memories that have been made, I'm flat-out, bummed. It's supposedly temporary...couple of years maybe. But who knows? They leave Saturday. I dread a Saturday, for the 1st time in my life.

My husband's grandmother just passed a couple of weeks ago, and that brings change to the family. At least she lived a full life and went to be with her Creator. And she must have known something, because she finally was able to go out for a visit to Korea, the land where she wanted to be to her husband. She must have known.

And there is the change of me going from stay-at-home mom, to SAHM+children's director for our church, Mission Hope. This change brings about both, enthusiasm and humility. I don't know how a children's ministry runs...but somehow God is sustaining me and bringing creativity to mind as I prepare.

Everyday, I'm clinging onto the ONE CONSTANT. I'm learning to really rely on His strength. There's no other choice. He is real and He will not change.

That's all I have to say. Sorry for the melancholy tone of this blog. But I'm allowing myself to be sad...and be okay with that. Ultimately, I still have joy in my God. But I must say...I hope I don't have another big test anytime soon.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Trip with Daddy

So the first father-daughter getaway just happened...with M, the older one of course. She's now the big 4...a very responsible one at that. Anyone who comes into contact with her will agree that she's quite the "old soul". They flew all the way out to NY, for his cousin's wedding...and we were honored to have her as the flowergirl. She did an outstanding job, from what I hear.

The offer to fly the other 1/2 of our family out (myself and C...our VIBRANT 2 year old) was presented. So generous. Unfortunately, James and I looked at each other and agreed that it would be best for me to stay back with the little one. Did I mention that C is VIBRANT? We'll leave it at that. So by default, they went on their first (hopefully of many) father/daughter trip. I have to admit, I was bummed, being that my (first-time pregnant) bestie lives out there. That was a tough choice, given that I wanted to see her and her baby bump. But if you have a VIBRANT little one like mine, you'd understand. Either way, it ended up being good mommy and C time. If you're at all skeptical, I love C equally. She is quite the character, but that is how God made her, and that is why I love her. Her spunky self is what makes her uniquely her.

A few of M's experiences in NY...through her eyes:

They hop in the subway upon exiting the airport. "Daddy, it smells". Solution? Daddy pops a lollipop into her mouth to keep her from saying something that might be offensive to New Yorkers. Also taken back by a random performer on the same ride, who was collecting handouts. How utterly sheltered my kids are. Don't know if it's a good or bad thing. I'm going to resolve it to be neither...just different. Parenting will be another post(s) altogether. Stay tuned.

Central Park: as the Wiggles song "Central Park" goes...she did see lots of squirrels. She also saw the horse-drawn carriages. Assuming they didn't ride it because of her super-hero sense of smell, and the odor of horse dung wasn't on her list of "things to do in ny". But she did make a friend at the playground.

She did have a lot of fun with daddy in the ferris wheel at the Toys R Us in Manhattan, and the monster-sized, swirly lollipop that only daddy would have gotten her.

She did want to take a picture with "A" Statue of Liberty (not "THE"). She went up to the statue to take a picture, only to realize that it began to move. A very startled girl ran back to daddy, retracting her desire to pose with the NY icon.

At the wedding, she did famously, although there was a little bit of a scare. She kept looking forward with a smile on her face, using just her hands to feel around for flowers to scatter while going down the aisle. Towards the end, she panicked, as she didn't feel the petals in the basket. No choice but to look down. Praise the Lord, there were more. It put her in a rush mode and she completed her task with a little less ease, for fear that she would run out of petals. But in the end, all was okay. She did her job. And the guests were amused by the "incident".

Given the fact that she's not used to sitting and listening to a ceremony or sermon, she needed something to do. This is how she spent her time. She's quite the arteeeest. James brought her artwork home with him.

With the happy couple. Congrats!!

The only time she went out on the dance floor was to the Black-Eyed Peas "I Gotta Feeling". And apparently she crashed out right after that from the long course of events.

To my husband, a job well done. He stocked her up on ipad games (ie: "Angry Birds") and movies. I packed up a plethora of activities for the plane. She was set. I'm excited for these upcoming father/daughter trips...not just for personal time, but for the fact that my husband is such a great dad. I can't wait for the days when they are grown up and they look back at the fond memories they will have had with their daddy. I love my husband, they love their daddy, and he loves us. (Think I'm in love mode...being that father's day is this weekend, and our 7th anniversary is the weekend following). Either way...praising God for my family.